Friday, October 19, 2007

15 weeks

15 weeks
Starting weight: 155
Weight: 152
Waist @ bellybutton: 31.5"
Issues: My lower back has started to hurt a little bit, but it's not unbearable. I just went to the chiropractor, so hopefully it will get better.

Here is my picture at 15 weeks:
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I still haven’t gained any weight, which is really awesome. I’m certainly eating plenty though, so I’m sure it will catch up. It’s funny that people always say that they are eating for two, but you’re really only supposed to eat an additional 300 calories per day, and that doesn’t even start until the 2nd trimester. Who knew? So I still have no real belly, which is pretty disappointing. I want people to know that I’m pregnant darn it!

More on the working remote situation. I got approval!! I’m so excited that they are going to let me do this, especially since I’m so new to the team. My manager told me that she’s been very impressed with my work and my initiative, so that must have helped. This is so awesome! So Rob and I are moving forward full speed ahead on moving. We are going to start a franchise business and move to Cameron Park, but we still haven’t decided which business to choose. There is so much to be done, but I have to stay calm and not stress the baby out!

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