Tuesday, November 27, 2007

21 weeks

21 weeks
Starting weight: 155
Weight: 153
Waist @ Bellybutton: 34

Here is my belly at 21 weeks:

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So the strange thing is that I totally gained a few pounds and an inch at my belly after Thanksgiving, which didn't really suprise me. I mean, if Thanksgiving doesn't make me gain weight, I don't know what will. Then, I weigh and measure myself this morning, and I shrunk again! How is this possible? At least I'm up 1 pound from last week! I'm wondering how much I have to eat to gain some weight around here. I'll ask my doctor what he thinks about it on Friday. 2 days to go!!!! So stinkin' excited...and I just cannot wait to go buy some clothes for the baby. And instead of Kiwi, I'll actually have a name! :)

Speaking of Kiwi, it's been kicking like crazy! After the butterflies came the thumps, and now it feels more like kicks. It's really cool. Except for the bladder kicking, which happens quite a bit. Can't wait till that gets stronger!

Ok, so I have to say, I officially don't have a preference anymore whether it's a boy or girl. I've been leaning more towards boy, but now that it's getting so close to finding out, I keep thinking how cool it would be if it's a girl. So I'm picturing my reaction either way, and I'm just going to be really excited no matter what. I really don't care anymore, as long as it's healthy.

Rob's been gone for a few days now, so I'm a little lonely but I'm keeping myself busy. I have plenty to do around here, that's for sure! I've been packing a little every day, and now I have to clean because property management is coming to take pictures of the house on Thursday. I can't believe we're moving in 3 weeks!

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Supa Sparks said...

Ok I'm dying to know!!! Can't wait here the good news : ) love ya!