Thursday, November 29, 2007

It's a.....

girl!! So it looks like the baby has graduated from Kiwi to Makenna Hope. :)

Here is one of the ultrasound pics!
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So the doctor said she looks great and everything is measuring perfectly. He also said I am measuring great so not to worry about not gaining any weight. He said as long as the baby looks good, it doesn't matter what I gain or don't gain. Good to I'll stop worrying about it.


Jenny said...

Congratulations!! Makenna Hope Cline! I love it. Thanks for sharing the news, and I love the blog ;)

Supa Sparks said...

YAHOOOO!!! We are so stoked for you three and now we can start praying for Makenna by name : ) Beautiful name can't wait to see her. Keep on blogging Jenell. Love you! Congrats again!!