Friday, November 9, 2007

18.5 weeks

We're in Vegas baby! Today is Rob's 30th birthday and we're having a really great time! Some of the boys went out gambling last night, but I had to crash around 1am. Not before I took a soak in our huge spa tub in our room though! :) Today we walked around all over the strip and saw the Bellagio fountain show and the botanical gardens, which was really cool. Tonight we are all going out to dinner at Margaritaville and then heading over to a comedy club. I think that I've officially popped out this week, because my belly is huge! Here is some proof:
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Tomorrow I think the plan is to veg at the Qua Spa at Caesar's Palace and get a prenatal massage. They also have these 4 different crazy rooms to hang out in and relax. There's a Roman tub room, a Tea Room (with tea sommelier-who knew there was such a thing?), a Snow room, and a special Steam room. Should be fun!

Here are some more Vegas pics:

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