Tuesday, November 20, 2007

20 weeks

20 weeks
Starting weight: 155
Weight: 152
Waist @ Bellybutton: 34

Here is my belly at 20 weeks:

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Here is a full photo at 20 weeks:

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I'm finally half way there! So my belly has now really popped out. Thanksgiving is this week, and I can't wait. I'm especially looking forward to my dad's oyster stuffing!! I've been thinking about it for over a month now! Mmmmmmm. We're having a total of 15 people over at our house this year, and this is a first for us to host. I'm pretty excited, but it will definitely be an adventure since our house is so small, and I've packed up half of the house already. Maybe we can start having it at our house every year, since next year we'll be in a much bigger house.

Only 7 more days until my ultrasound, and I'm counting down the days!!


vprice said...

Hey darlin'! I LOVE your blog. It is so much fun to be a part of this wonderful time in your life and to watch you're belly grow :-)
It's great that you are feeling so healthy and obviously very, very happy. Can't wait to hear about Thanksgiving and of course, the next ultrasound!!!

Hugs and belly rubs,

Great Aunt V

Anonymous said...

I accidentally came upon your page.
I am totally heartbroken for you.
I am a nurse living in NY/NJ & I am pregnant now after 3 miscarriages. I have 2 daughters so I never really could "FEEL" the pain of pregnancy loss until it happened to me 3 times trying to have this baby. Have you tried Lovenox (a blood thinner)??? If not, definitely ask your OB or your High Risk OB doctor for it on your next pregnancy. A lot of times late pregnancy loss is due to clotting problems of the mothers blood. GOD bless you & I will pray for you. I hope to see a positive result for you & your husband.... Love Lisa. savenna0221@aol.com