Wednesday, December 5, 2007

22 weeks

22 weeks
Starting weight: 155
Weight: 154
Waist @ Bellybutton: 34.5

Here is my belly at 22 weeks:
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So my belly is so huge compared to last week! I can't believe how much it's grown. So Makenna kicks me all the time and is usually active all evening. So in addition to my waterbirth, I've decided to try hypnobirthing. I know it sounds strange, but as Kristen says, it's just guided relaxation. I'm willing to try anything to have as little pain as possible. We're going to actually take the hypnobirthing classes from someone that is certified near us, and we start our first class Jan 8th. If you're not convinced, just check out this segment from Dateline. By the way, based on the women's hair, I'm guessing it's from the 90's, but whatever.

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