Sunday, November 25, 2007

20.5 weeks

Thanksgiving was so much fun! We had 15 people over, and 11 people staying at our house and it all turned out really great. On Friday we went to the beach with family and the weather was perfect and we got some great pictures. We even got Rob and I with the sunset behind us that I already turned into Christmas cards. I'm so proud of myself that I got that taken care of already. :) So Kiwi was really been kicking today, and it definitely didn't feel like butterflies anymore. It's really pretty crazy to feel someone kicking you from the inside...really cool though. I only have 5 more days until the ultrasound and I'm as giddy as a kid in a candy store. I actually still get giddy in a candystore...I just really love candy. But I'm digressing. Soon we'll know if it's Makenna or Caeden in there and I can't wait! This weekend I'm going to go shopping for the baby and buy some cute clothes, since I've been patiently waiting this whole time until I found out.

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