Sunday, December 9, 2007

22.5 weeks

Well, this has been a crazy week! I've packed up almost the entire house now, but it hasn't been easy. I can't even begin to explain how overwhelming it is to pack a whole house up, not to mention working full time and being pregnant (ie hormonal!). Thank goodness my mom came down and helped this weekend, because I was about to have a nervous breakdown...thanks mom! :) Now I'm down to having only a few boxes worth of stuff left to pack, which is a relief.

So our new neighbors came over and just asked the dreaded question...'can you trim your pine tree so that it doesn't hang over into our yard?' Sounds like a simple request, except I think our pine tree is about 500 years old!! It's seriously the hugest tree ever, and it covers a lot of their yard so it could cost $1,000 or so to have it trimmed. Like we can afford that! So I did a little research and found that according to California law, it is the responsibility of the neighbor to trim the tree that covers their yard, even if it is growing in someone else's yard. That means, technically, we could be mean and tell them that they have to handle it, but I hate to be mean. Maybe I could get a quote and see if they want to split the cost? Any advice?

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