Saturday, March 29, 2008

Makenna's Tree

So my mom and dad planted a memorial tree for Makenna in their front yard. There is also a stone that has her name engraved on it. I think it looks really nice. Thanks mom and dad!



Mom to 2 boys +? said...

The tree is so pretty! How sweet of them to do that for Makenna. I'm thinking of you as your due date approaches.
Kara (mom to 2 boys+?)

Kristi said...

How very thoughtful of your parents! That's really awesome. I often forget, in my grief, that my parents are grieving for my loss AND theirs. What a beautiful tree... am I weird or does it look so "girly" too!? ((hugs))

Supa Sparks said...

it's beautiful jen.

love you

Pamela said...

Its absolutely perfect! What a nice touch with the stone next to the tree. I also love that the tree has pretty pink flowers :)