Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Makenna's Poem

Our Angel in heaven
Makenna Hope Cline
Know you are missed
By those left behind

As I light this candle
Trying to smile through tears
Our Angel's been in Heaven
For one whole year

I picture you dancing
Twirling with little angel wings
With Heaven as your playground
What a glorious thing

With dreams of forever
And much love in our hearts
Looking forward to the day
We are no longer apart

But until that day comes
Know you are loved here on earth
Our Angel in Heaven
We celebrate your birth

Written by Makenna's grandma and my mom, Dena


greenfrogblog said...

Still thinking about you, and praying for you at this one-year mark. I pray the scars you two have suffered can really heal and one day you can have joy again. Much love and support goes out to you guys! God bless you.
ps I don't always have the right words, but feel free to give a call when you're up for it, Jenell. It's been a long time and I'm missing you!

Anonymous said...

Wow I was looking up tattoos and cam across this page. Thank you for sharing your heart and poetry! Your in my prayers

tiffany Matson said...

I didnt mean for that to be anonymous